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         Anguo is a place with a long history and outstanding peoples. Early in the beginning of Han Dynasty, Emperor Gaozu granted the title of “Marquis of Anguo” to Marquis of Wangling, meaning “bring peace and stability to the country”. The Anguo County was established in the 6th year of Yuanshou Era of Emperor Wu of Han (117 BC), and was called “Qizhou” from Song Dynasty as it became the new administrative center of Qizhou (a prefecture) in the 1st year of Jingde Era (1004 AD).
        Anguo City is one of the largest collecting and distributing centers of traditional Chinese medicine and birthplaces of traditional Chinese medicine culture in China. The advantaged traditional pharmaceutical industry originated from the song dynasty, flourished in the Ming dynasty and flourished in the qing dynasty, which has lasted for more than a thousand years. It is always well-known at both home and abroad in the name of  “Medicine Capital” and “No.1 Medicine Market In The World”, also enjoys the reputation of "Grass becomes medicine in Anguo, and medicine emits the fragrance passing Qizhou". 
         Anguo Medicine Capital was included in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage List, and has become a "Barometer" for the price of Chinese traditional medicine industry with advantages such as complete varieties and large scale of operation. Businessmen from China, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions came to trade and investigate. This place is rich in natural treasures, and has national key cultural relics protection units - Anguo Pharmaceutical King Temple (Yao Wang Temple) and Anguo Chinese Medicine Culture Museum. Guan Hanqing, the world cultural celebrity and dramatist of the yuan dynasty, was born here.
          Anguo City is located in the hinterland of North China Plain, the central area of the Jing-Jin-Shi triangle (Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang), within the area around Beijing and Tianjin and the Bohai Economic Rim. It’s 245km to the capital of china – Beijing, and 235km to the largest comprehensive port in the north of China – Tianjin Port.
           In the last hundreds of years, the crude medicines of Anguo were famous for its natural planting method, good quality and high processing skill, hence the reputation of “Grass becomes medicine in Anguo, and medicine emits the fragrance passing Qizhou”. There are more than 300 varieties of crude medicines in Anguo, and the 8 main varieties are: chrysanthemum, common yam, aster, radix glehniae, semen coicis, schizonepeta, angelica root and trichosanthes. Anguo's trade in Chinese herbal medicines radiates to all parts of China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and more than 100 countries and regions, and is listed by Hebei Province as an export base of Chinese herbal medicines and a modern industrial base of traditional Chinese medicine in Hebei Province.
         "One night of spring breeze, Ten miles of medicine fragrance" After thousands of years of development, the Medicine Capital of Anguo, look forward to your arrival!


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