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  • The Processing Of Valerian Root


    Valerian with fibrous roots Read More
  • Chinese herbal medicine drying process


    Common Chinese medicinal materials drying methods:The purpose of drying Chinese patent medicine is to remove water, inhibit the activity of active enzymes, prevent the decomposition of active ingredients, and facilitate long-term storage. During the processing of proprietary Chinese medicines, the a Read More
  • Differences between Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese


    medicine decoction pieces and proprietary Chinese medicinesThe medicinal material is the raw material of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. Medicinal materials refer to the medicinal materials that meet the pharmaceutical standards, and generally refer to medicinal materials that hav Read More
  • Four Names of "Make Up" for Winter Health


    Winter is a time of tonic. Many people, especially those who are physically weak, will choose tonic tonic. Chinese medicine believes that the use of warm tonic herbs in winter can enhance the vitality of the human body, which is not only beneficial to this seasonal disease prevention and strengtheni Read More
  • Use and preservation of Cordyceps sinensis


    Chinese herbal decoction, Cordyceps sinensis, is a unique complex of both insects and grasses (winter is a worm and summer is a grass) that are native to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau above 3800 meters above sea level. Sexual taste is mild and light. Ancient doctors believed that Cordyceps supplemented Read More
  • These five common Chinese medicines can improve hypertension!


    Everyone knows that blood pressure is divided into three levels, and people with different levels and different causes of medication are different, but it is certain that in addition to special drugs to lower blood pressure, you can also help reduce blood pressure in other ways, such as Improve your Read More
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Flower Tea

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