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Great effects of 7 yam

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Yam is also called Huai yam, Huai yam, yam, potato, white yam, etc. It is a treasure with excellent medicine and food. Today, I will mainly introduce the efficacy and role of yam, taboos and methods.

Relieves menopausal symptoms

Eating more yam can alleviate the symptoms of menopause, because the yam in yam can play an estrogen-like role to help the body regulate endocrine, so eating more menopausal women can relieve the symptoms of menopause.


Yam is a kind of high-nutrition and low-calorie cuisine. The calories in 100 grams of edible yam are only 56 kcal. In addition, yam can reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, so eating yam in moderation can prevent obesity.

Strengthen bones

The mucopolysaccharide substance in yam can form bone with the combination of inorganic salts, which can make cartilage elastic, and at the same time enhance the strength and density of bones. Therefore, those with osteoporosis can eat more yam to prevent and improve osteoporosis.

Cardiovascular health

Dioscorea soap in yam can accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol in the body, so people with high cholesterol often eat yam to improve cardiovascular health. In addition, yam can effectively prevent blood lipids from depositing on the walls of blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Helps lower blood sugar

Myricetin in yam is one of the important ingredients to help regulate blood sugar, and yam contains a large amount of mucoprotein, vitamins and trace elements, which has the auxiliary effect of lowering blood sugar, so diabetics can eat more yam to help lower blood sugar.

Spleen and Stomach

The amylase, polyphenol oxidizing enzyme and other substances contained in yam are beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, and it is a good product for both spleen and stomach medicine and food.

Runfei cough

Yam has the function of lubricating and moisturizing. It has a flat and sweet taste and can enter the lung meridian, which can benefit lung qi, nourish the lung and yin, and treat lung deficiency, phlegm, and chronic cough.

Auxiliary kidney deficiency

The rich nutrients in yam can strengthen the human body and nourish the kidney and improve its essence. It has adjuvant effect on the treatment of kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, leucorrhea and frequent urination.


Yam has an astringent effect and can stop diarrhea, so people who are habitually constipated should not eat more yam; yam has a very high potassium content, and people with poor kidney function have poor potassium metabolism.

Chinese Yam Porridge

Ingredients: 20 grams of dried yam, 10 grams of red dates, 150 grams of millet, moderate sugar.

Method: Red dates are pitted, millet is washed out, put into the pot with yam, add an appropriate amount of water, cook on the fire until the porridge is cooked, and sprinkle with sugar.

Efficacy: The taste is sweet, the porridge is relatively sticky, the spleen is nourished, the stomach is strengthened.

Concluding remarks: Chinese yam is more common and recognized by the public in the same origin of medicine and food. It is widely used and is a good product for daily health.


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