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Differences between Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese

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medicine decoction pieces and proprietary Chinese medicines

The medicinal material is the raw material of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. Medicinal materials refer to the medicinal materials that meet the pharmaceutical standards, and generally refer to medicinal materials that have been removed from non-medicinal parts by planting, moving, and minerals. If the medicinal materials do not indicate the processing requirements, they refer to raw medicinal materials and shall be handled in accordance with the net items of the general rules for processing medicinal materials in the appendix.

In the strict sense, Chinese medicinal materials in the category of medicines only refer to medicinal materials that have undergone a net treatment. For the original medicinal materials that have not been processed according to the law, they cannot be listed under the concept of medicine. Chinese medicinal materials can only be agricultural and sideline products, and cannot be used directly in medicine. Therefore, Chinese medicinal materials in the drug category should be products processed strictly in accordance with drug standards. Production should be strictly in accordance with license management to distinguish other agricultural and sideline products. After entering the drug distribution channel, they should fully possess the attributes of the drug. The traditional Chinese medicinal materials operated by the enterprise must have the properties of medicines (with legal manufacturers and related product labels), so as to fundamentally control the quality of traditional Chinese medicines used as medicines and ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicines.

The origin processing of Chinese medicinal materials is also called primary processing. Appropriate initial processing can maintain the medicinal effect, reduce the toxicity of some medicinal materials, prevent mildew and deterioration of medicinal materials, and facilitate storage and transportation. Origin processing not only affects the efficacy and quality of medicinal materials, but also directly affects the next processing of medicinal materials. After the medicinal materials are harvested, they must be processed in a timely manner, which is called origin processing. The processing at the origin is mainly to clean, remove impurities and dry to pure medicine to prevent mildew.

The medicinal herbs are mainly sprayed, brushed, and washed. Debris removal includes selection, screening, wind selection, rinsing, etc., mainly to remove non-medicinal parts. Because freshly harvested fresh medicinal materials have high water content and are rich in nutrients, microorganisms can easily invade from their wounds, pores, stomata, etc., breed and multiply, causing the mold to rot; although some of the herbs are not moldy, they can also cause heat. , Corruption and deterioration, loss of medicinal value. Therefore, timely drying is the key to the processing of medicinal materials. The main methods are contact drying, air drying, vacuum drying, boiling drying, spray drying, microwave drying, and freeze drying. Some medicinal materials must be rubbed during the drying process, such as yam, Codonopsis, Ophiopogon, Yuzhu, etc. Some medicinal materials need to be steamed, boiled and blanched before drying, such as Gastrodia elata, Dihuang, Yam, Polygonum multiflorum, Huangjing, etc. Most roots, rhizomes, and skin medicinal materials should stop drying when they are semi-dried, and they should be closed and piled up to generate heat. When the internal moisture evaporates outward, it will condense at a low temperature outside the heap to form water droplets attached to the surface of the medicinal material. , Salvia miltiorrhiza, Radix Isatidis, Rhubarb, Astragalus, Peppermint, Magnolia officinalis, Eucommia, etc.

The origin processing of Chinese medicinal materials is obviously different from the drug definition. The production process of Chinese medicine decoction pieces and Chinese medicinal materials. The processed products of Chinese medicinal materials are only different forms of the original medicinal materials and do not have the basic attributes of the medicine. Drug standards for production management.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

It refers to the Chinese medicinal materials that can be directly used for the preparation or preparation and the processed products of Chinese medicinal materials under the guidance of the theory of Chinese medicine. The medicines used in the clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine are traditional Chinese medicine pieces and proprietary Chinese medicines, and the raw materials of traditional Chinese medicines are traditional Chinese medicine pieces and not traditional Chinese medicines.

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005 (Part One) stipulates:

The processing of medicinal materials refers to the preparation, cutting and processing of medicinal materials into certain specifications to meet the medical requirements and the needs of preparation and preparation to ensure that the medication is safe and effective. According to the requirements of modern processing theory, net processing, cutting and processing are collectively referred to as processing. Therefore, "Chinese medicine decoction pieces" should be understood as traditional Chinese medicine processing products that are directly applied to medical preparations and preparations. Therefore, the traditional Chinese medicinal materials used in medical clinics and preparations of pharmaceutical manufacturers without clean conditions should be processed traditional Chinese medicine processed products, and they should be traceable by legal manufacturing companies.


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