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These five common Chinese medicines can improve hypertension!

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Everyone knows that blood pressure is divided into three levels, and people with different levels and different causes of medication are different, but it is certain that in addition to special drugs to lower blood pressure, you can also help reduce blood pressure in other ways, such as Improve your mood, eat fruits that improve blood pressure, or Chinese medicine that helps lower blood pressure.

For Chinese medicine that can prevent blood pressure, you can choose according to your own situation. Here are 5 Chinese medicines that are suitable for regulating blood pressure for your reference:


The most prominent effect of Astragalus is to nourish qi and strengthen the spleen. Hypertension patients with shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, and weak pulses are both Qi and blood deficiency types. It is more suitable to use Astragalus soaked in water to regulate blood pressure. It shows that astragalus has the effect of regulating blood pressure in both directions, so everyone can rest assured to drink water.


Gastrodia is also suitable for regulating blood pressure. Everyone knows Pinellia Baizhu Tianma Soup? This recipe uses Gastrodia as the main medicine to treat dizziness. Fresh Gastrodia can be cooked in a pot, just like potatoes, and it tastes good.


Pueraria is mainly used to improve the blood circulation in the brain, and it has a good effect on the headache and dizziness caused by hypertension, so it is also more practical.


The most prominent feature of Cassia seed is the effect of laxative and clear bowel, but the results of modern pharmacological research show that Cassia seed can be shown to lower blood pressure and blood lipid.

5.Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Gynostemma pentaphylla is suitable for making tea, and it tastes fresh and tastes good. Generally, the higher the altitude, the better it is. The effect of lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, and preventing and treating blood clots is very good. Frequent drinking is good for the body and mind.


Flower Tea

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